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Enhance Your Child’s Growth & Development
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Schemas are important behaviors children repeat to explore the world. Common schemas include transporting objects from one place to another, throwing things, inserting objects in openings, and more.

Our play kits were designed for parents and kids just like you.

Designed around childhood schemas, Play Unloosed kits feature carefully-selected collections of loose parts. Loose parts are everyday objects that kids play with to learn about the world around them.

Play Unloosed provides safe, sustainable play kits inspired by the “loose parts” philosophy to help children grow and learn in an intuitive way.

The Baby Treasure Kit

Touch, Play & Learn

Help your baby experience the world through touch with this sensory-focused kit.

The Connection Kit

Twist, Loop & Hook

Build crucial problem-solving skills by connecting and inserting flexible objects.

The Trajectory Kit

Spin, Roll & Rotate

For the child who loves motion, this kit demonstrates the concept of movement and cause/effect.

The Positioning Kit

Build, Stack & Interact

Help your child build crucial motor skills by positioning items and exploring how they interact with each other.

The Transportation Kit

Collect, Carry & Go

Discover the concepts of weight, volume, and quantity through natural objects.

Inspire Your Child’s Creativity & Independence

Choose Your Kit

Each kit is packed with natural and reusable materials designed to delight your child and inspire their natural creativity.

Let Them Loose

Present your child with the kit and let him or her loose! Your child will stack, scoop, and interact with toys in a whole new way.

Watch Them Grow

Sit back and feel like the amazing parent that you are! Watch as your child builds crucial skills through the joy of unhindered play.

Don’t waste your time and money on plastic toys with short lifespans.

Play Unloosed provides gender-neutral play kits with everything your child needs to enhance their growth and inspire endless opportunities for safe, sustainable play.

With no “right” or “wrong” way to play, your child can explore the world around them over and over again through imaginative play. As your child grows, the kit items can be reused and upcycled for a variety of purposes, lengthening the life of your kit and reducing waste.

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