The Transportation Kit

$ 59.00 USD

Collect, Carry & Go

Discover the concepts of weight, volume, and quantity through natural objects. By picking up objects, placing them in containers, and transporting them, children learn about weight and quantity, including concepts like more and less, empty and full, light and heavy. This highly textural kit is packed full of natural items from around the world. After play, store your kit items within the accompanying crate, basket, and boxes. Learn ways to reuse the items in this kit and more fun ideas on the blog.

Recommended for ages 3 years and up.

What’s Inside

Casuarina Cones

Casuarina is a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs that grow in eastern Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Sourced from India.

Bakuli Pods

Bakuli is a flower that grows in India. Sourced from India.

Gawri Fruit

The fruit of Indian Boxwood, a tree that grows in India and West Africa.  Sourced from India.

Jacaranda Pods

The Jacaranda is a flowering plant in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Sourced from India.

Mahogany Pod Slices

Mahogany is a tropical tree and the pods are its seeds. Sourced from India.

Springs of Palm

Palm trees grow throughout the world, mostly in tropical and subtropical climates. Sourced from India.

Sequoia Cones

Sequoias, also known as redwood trees, are native to China and California. Sourced from the USA.

Coconut Shell Bits

The coconut is not really a nut, but the fruit of the coconut tree, which grows throughout the world in warm conditions. Sourced from India. 

Assorted Felt Bits

These upcycled remnants which would have otherwise been discarded, are 100% wool and dyed in natural, plant-based, VOC-free colors. 

Bolga Basket (1)

Made from elephant grass and plant-based dyes in Ghana by workers paid more than a Fair Trade wage.

Spice Dish (1)

Fair trade, made in Kenya from scraps of wild olive wood.

Wooden Crate (1)

Red and white pine. Made in the USA.

Fair trade baskets, made in Ghana.

Help your child develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Made in Ghana from elephant grass, this Bolga basket is the perfect tool to teach your child all about transporting objects from one place to another.

Get your child in touch with nature.

From coconut shells to bakuli pods, your child will be fascinated by the shape, texture, and variety of natural elements in this kit. Perfect for carrying in the Bolga basket, these items demonstrate the concept of quantity.

Upcycled felt cuts down on waste, and reduces packaging.

Made from upcycled remnants that would have otherwise been discarded, these felt bits add colorful texture, and also serve as padding for your kit during shipping.

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