The Baby Treasure Kit

$ 79.00 USD

Touch, Play & Learn

Help your baby experience the world through touch with this sensory-focused kit. This kit is a collection of everyday objects that are curated to help your baby discover the world by trial-and-error through their senses of touch, taste, sight, and hearing.

Place kit items within the basket and allow your baby to reach in and take out objects at his or her own pace. Safe for little mouths, watch as your baby learns to grasp items, and explore sights, sounds, and textures. By studying and manipulating open-ended objects, babies are in control as they explore. They make connections between their bodies, their actions, and the world around them. All items in this kit can be recycled or upcycled, including the packaging material. Store your kit items in the basket provided. Learn ways to reuse the items in this kit and more fun ideas on the blog.

Recommended for age 4 months and up. Babies will start being interested in loose parts around the age when they can sit up.

What’s Inside

Basket (1)

Basket made from the leaves of the Raffia palm. Made in Uganda. Free trade.

Stainless Steel Bowl (1)

Made in India.

Swaddle (1)

100% Organic cotton with water-based pigments. Made in India by workers paid a living wage.

Wooden Box with Lid (1)

Maple wood container. Made in the USA.

Wooden Pinch Bowl (1)

Maple wood bowl. Made in the USA.

Wooden Spoon (1)

Olive wood spoon. Imported.

Wool Ball (1)

100% wool dryer ball. Made in the USA.

Peace of mind with natural, safe kit items.

This kit’s large, durable objects were selected for their safety and lack of small parts.

Designed to build sensory development.

Activate your baby’s senses with the fuzzy dryer ball, shiny metal bowl, and the tap of wood on wood. Appeal to your child’s sense of taste, smell, and hearing.

Beautiful, functional swaddle that can transform as your baby grows.

The 100% organic cotton swaddle serves as a beautiful cushion for your kit items in shipping. Unlike most packaging, the swaddle is beautiful, functional, and can be used over and over again. 

As your child grows, the swaddle can transform from a blanket to the roof of a pillow fort, a wrap for carrying toys, or even a superhero cape!

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