Storing Loose Parts, Part 2

Storing Loose Parts, Part 2

Storage for loose parts is essential to avoid a mess in your playroom.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on storage, and can likely find good options in your recycling bin.  However, if you do want to spend some money, here are some storage options that allow items to be both organized and visible.  At the top is storage with no lid, followed by storage with lids.

These wooden boxes are just the right size for little hands to hold. 

Utensil holders work great for almost everything.  I got this one from Target.

These silicone organizers are not only great for storing unusually shaped items, but are also fun to play with themselves.


I like the openings in these bins so that contents can be visible from the sides as well as the top. They come in several sizes.

These clear plastic bins come in a variety of sizes and work well for showcasing what is stored inside.

This fabric-covered section drawer has deep pockets and is quite sturdy.  It is best for objects like stones and beads that don’t shed particles that will stick to the fabric.

These containers have lids that stay on snugly, yet can be removed by little hands without help. The clear acrylic allows contents to stay visible.

The lid for this bin was not as easy to open as the bins above, but it fits longer objects.

These clear drawers keep everything neat.  The drawers can be pulled out completely to transport contents.

I liked that these drawers are not already stacked and can be rearranged.