Storing Loose Parts, Part 1

Storing Loose Parts, Part 1

If there is a downside to loose parts, it’s mess.  Loose parts are by nature unattached objects, and you need quite a few to offer ample opportunities for play.  Several sessions of building, gathering, and role-playing can easily result in a disaster zone if objects are not put away.  However, concealing loose parts via storage can also put them out of sight and out of mind. To ensure that kids will remember to play with them, the loose parts need to be visible and easily accessible.

Here are some cheap options for storing loose parts.  

Used egg cartons are great for small objects, especially if sorting is needed.  Additionally, you get to reuse packaging that would otherwise go into the trash.  However, it is flimsy, and since it is shallow, objects can fall out easily.

Empty tissue boxes also keep packaging out of the trash.  They offer quite a bit of room, making them handy for large and small objects. The opening is large enough for little hands and allows the objects to be seen inside.


Use boxes of different sizes.  Keep the lids off so objects can be seen; kids can put the lids on when they want to enclose things.