Natural Toys
that Inspire,
Not Dictate

Hi there!

I’m Audrey, the founder of Play Unloosed. I was inspired to begin this journey after discovering the loose parts philosophy. As a toddler, my daughter would tear tissues into small pieces and stick them into bottles. As she got older, she started placing small objects in rows. At the time, I just thought my daughter was quirky.

Once I started researching and learned about play with loose parts, I realized my daughter had simply been exploring the world around her.

When I began buying loose objects and introducing them to my daughter, she was immediately interested precisely because they were not typical toys. Sometimes she would ask, “How do I play with this?” This question would make me feel sad that my daughter had learned to be told what to do with things, rather than discovering for herself.

Fortunately, loose parts were exactly what she needed to develop her creativity and independence. She quickly realized that there was no prescribed way to play with anything, and responded positively to being the one to decide what an object should be or do.

Play with loose parts has endured in my home because it keeps my daughter’s attention over time, while other toys are quickly neglected. Without any prompting from me, she returns to loose parts day after day, using them to create something new. I see a sense of pride in my daughter that I don’t see when she plays with other toys.

Inside these kits are a curated collection of authentic, everyday objects that my children love. As I watch them play, I see them learning and get to know them more as they make new discoveries. My hope is for you and your child to experience the closeness and joy of play together.

Wishing you many moments of wonder!


We know you want to give your child the best opportunities for learning.

Play Unloosed’s mission is to provide nature-inspired toys for children that stimulate creativity, encourage independence, and inspire endless opportunities for play.

Our vision is to empower children and their parents just like you to experience new ways of thinking through playing with open-ended toys.

Our Promise to You

Respect kids as Master Learners

Children learn through play, laying the foundation for later academic learning. Kids don’t need adults to dictate the parameters of their pretend world. We provide open-ended toys that appeal to their natural curiosity and encourage their imagination to do the rest.

Use Safe, Reusable Materials

We use natural, safe, and sustainably-sourced materials whenever possible. In fact, every item in our kits can be reused, recycled, or repurposed in a variety of ways! Discover how to reuse the items in your child’s kit on the Play Unloosed Blog.

Value Simplicity

As parents, we’ve always known that natural, everyday items can be the toys children find most fascinating. It doesn’t take flashing lights or loud noises to hold a child’s attention—the discovery of the world around them is the most compelling factor.

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