What are
“loose parts”?

“Loose parts” refer to everyday objects that inspire children’s creativity and exploration of the world through open-ended play.

This early-childhood philosophy is based on the way kids already naturally play. Give a child a gift and she is more likely to play with the box it came in than the toy itself. At Play Unloosed, we celebrate that! In fact, our kits are full of simple, kid-approved objects to unleash children’s natural curiosity and empower them to learn in their own intuitive way.

Benefits of Loose Parts

Here are just a few ways your child will learn and grow:

Encourage open-ended learning

Enhance cognitive development

Build fine motor skills

Inspire creativity and imagination

Opportunities for endless play


Your children are exploring the world around them.

You may be wondering why your child has begun to line up all their toys in rows or keeps sticking pennies in the DVD player. Not only are they playing with loose parts, your child is also exploring the world through schemas.

Schemas are important behaviors children repeat to explore the world. Common schemas include transporting objects from one place to another, throwing things, inserting objects in openings, and more.

Each of our kits is designed around a specific schema to help children grow and learn in an intuitive way. Our gender-neutral kits come with everything your child needs to enhance their growth and inspire endless opportunities for safe, sustainable play.

The Baby Treasure Kit

Touch, Play & Learn

Help your baby experience the world through touch with this sensory-focused kit.

The Connection Kit

Twist, Loop & Hook

Build crucial problem-solving skills by connecting and inserting flexible objects.

The Trajectory Kit

Spin, Roll & Rotate

For the child who loves motion, this kit demonstrates the concepts of movement and cause/effect.

The Positioning Kit

Build, Stack & Interact

Help your child build crucial motor skills by positioning items and exploring how they interact with each other.

The Transportation Kit

Collect, Carry & Go

Discover the concepts of weight, volume, and quantity through natural objects.