A Guide to Schemas

Identify your child's unique way to explore the world. Learn how to enhance his or her instinctive play.

How Loose Parts Reinforce School Learning

Practice academic concepts at fun through play

Loose Parts in the Natural World

Play in nature is play with loose parts, which are everywhere

Promoting Physical Activity with Loose Parts

Build on a child's natural inclination to move. Add loose parts to make play areas more engaging.

How Loose Parts Play Develops Confidence in Children

Play has so many benefits to child development.

Sustainable Loose Parts Play

A way to play and learn that is better for the environment and teaches sustainability

The Child’s Mathematical Mind

Children build on their innate understanding of math.

Play is Learning

Why your child's brain needs play

More on Play

A closer look at two worthwhile readings

Storing Loose Parts, Part 2

Ways to keep parts neat and visible

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